Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Irrelevant Curling

This blog is written mostly tongue in cheek. Some points may be informative. Please provide your feedback.
If you suffer from self-irrelevancy, please seek professional advice.

Hello. Competitive curlers are among the most dedicated athletes in sports. All of them have some form of employment, and/or depend on a spouse or other support system to ply their trade. Many curl in bonspiels of varying levels in all parts of Canada and even abroad.
I travelled to my first multi-day bonspiel in December. It was a strain. To do that every weekend would be tough. And to at least throw rocks the rest of the time would also be difficult as well.
Having said that, most of the curling these curlers do is irrelevant.
Why? First of all, the money is not enough to keep them going. Usually they're fortunate to make expenses.
Second, the only relevant competitions are the Canadian championships, and the playdowns to get there.