Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Irrelevant Curling II

This blog is written mostly tongue in cheek. Some points may be informative. Please provide your feedback.
If you suffer from self-irrelevancy, please provide your feedback.

Yesterday, I mentioned the curling most competitive curlers do is irrelevant. It's not irrelevant to them personally, because every bonspiel has a chance to get them one step closer to a higher playing level. However, it is irrelevant in that if a team misses a bonspiel, it doesn't really matter if they get to the Brier or Scotties.
It's also irrelevant to Joe and Jane Fan, because the Season of Champions (Brier, Scotties and Worlds) and the Olympics and Olympic Trials are the main reasons for watching. The Grand Slam of Curling is wonderful curling, but because it's not tied into the events mentioned above, it's also irrelevant.
Would it make sense to make these events more meaningful to Joe and Jane Fan? A sort of relevant regular season? Please let me know.



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